by metroknow on May 3, 2007

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So I spent a little bit of time last night checking out the buzz on Joost BUY Lamictal ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, (and trying so far, unsuccessfully, to get an invite). My hope is that maybe, just maybe, buy Lamictal online no prescription, this will be the solution that many of us in the television viewing public have been waiting for. Where can i buy Lamictal online, And I love the fact that it is coming from the guys who invented Skype.

When it comes to television, I think April and I are not alone in wanting one major but simple change to how things work - if you pay for a cable or satellite service, you should be able to choose the channels you want to pay for, Lamictal over the counter, and choose the channels you do not want to pay for. Buy Lamictal online cod, Why does no one in charge of these companies fully understand this from a purely dollars and cents perspective. Why is it that the market-savvy MBAs who run the companies can't see that if they could simply solve that problem with an enticement to buy what we want, that they would vastly increase customer satisfaction and new subscribers (and money, Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee. Portland, Oregon, as I would gladly pay per channel. I would pay several dollars a month per channel I liked plus a "free local channels package" if it were offered, BUY Lamictal ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Online buying Lamictal, Just off the top of my head, that sounds like around at least $30-$40/month to me - you?). I am sure that the big vendors (Discovery etc.) require that cable and dish companies buy packages of filler channels with the premium channels from them, buy no prescription Lamictal online, so they in turn spread that cost to us, Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, but someone, some bright, Harvard grad, Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, has got to be able to turn this simple concept into a consumer opportunity. Canada, mexico, india, Maybe Joost is gonna nail it.

Of course, the argument ignores one major fact: More is better is the middle American approach to the power of their dollar, sad to say - it transcends everything from, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, "Well hell's bells I'll buy a bigger American Truck that sucks gas, Lamictal pharmacy, so long as its just plain bigger." to oversized big gulp buckets of soda. From Costco to, "family" dining, Lamictal 200mg, the size matters argument is alive and well. BUY Lamictal ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, And to be totally honest, I've often thought that the food at Claim Jumper is of course not 5-star cuisine, but where else can you get a plate of 20+ hot wings for a $4.99 happy hour price. Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio, Is that what a morbidly obese culture (myself included) should really Value. And why is it that Hometown Buffets, which serve food that is mediocre at best (and arguably, Lamictal 1000mg, 2000mg, deadly if you believe large quantities of trans-fats or just plain calories are a bad thing), Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, are springing up successfully all over the United States, thriving in malls and high traffic areas. In fact, where can i buy cheapest Lamictal online, to take it one step further, Lamictal 75mg, if you do a little digging on the SEC Web site, you can find this:

Hometown Buffet (and its associated brands (Old Town Buffet, etc.)), Lamictal 1000mg, 2000mg, "
operating 668 restaurants in 39 states across the United States[...]among the highest perceived value of all restaurants in their class[...] For the twelve weeks ended September 20, 2006, on a pro forma basis, köpa Lamictal online, Osta Lamictal online, Jotta Lamictal verkossa, we and Ryan’s [additional brand] served over 50.0 million customers, Purchase Lamictal online no prescription, generated net sales of approximately $414.5 million and incurred a net loss of approximately $5.6 million."

That, is a lot, of calories, online buying Lamictal. And they represent only 5% of the, Order Lamictal online c.o.d, "family dining" segment of the industry. But boy, you sure do get your money's worth, BUY Lamictal ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. And so will your cardiologist.

The point is, for those of us who are trying to be conscious of waste, buy Lamictal no prescription, and not buying into the, Lamictal price, "more is better" philosophy of living, these kinds of package deals crowded with fillers and junk are frustrating at best.

Circling back, the argument that packaging a handful of good television content providers with a vast array of junky ones (or 86 sports channels, Lamictal 200mg. I mean c'mon.), Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California, so long as there is a lot of them, is ultimately for the consumer's good makes absolutely no sense. But if you hear it long enough, order Lamictal no prescription, it starts to wear you down. Austin, Texas, Memphis, Tennessee, We were Dish subscribers for years, though we are currently going without (which is probably why I have time to write this entry). BUY Lamictal ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, And if you're given no choice, you eventually sign that two-year contract to enslave yourself to 90% of programming that you'll never watch, or waste even more time figuring out that you don't want to. I
t seems like in most industries, the consumer ultimately determines the success or failure of each product. It's a capitalist twist on the survival of the fittest theory. So why not in this case. Why not let the good channels survive and the rest go quietly away?

I just read a fascinating article from the New Yorker that was forwarded from a good friend of mine and restauranteur ( that described some of the reasons why we eat what we do from a corporate perspective. This particular article was about Ketchup, BUY Lamictal ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Ever wonder why you crave Heinz 90% of the time, or why it reminds you of fries and a shake with your dad. There are lots of theories on the chemical additives that may or may not create mild addiction (can you say KFC?), or just the high sugar content that enraptures kids with the stuff, but the truth of the matter is it is market research plus an indepth knowledge of how your tongue actually works that makes products like Heinz Ketchup fly off the shelves for year after year. For example, have you ever stopped to consider that the squeeze bottle of Ketchup, a relatively new invention, is not really for any adult convenience or to solve that, "stuck in the bottle" problem...The folks at Heinz freely admit that it was designed to target children who would use more of their product if it was in a container that their small hands could manage without an adult having to assist (and restrict use). Its a great article. BUY Lamictal ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, And in the end, I actually marveled at the brilliance of chemistry that companies like Heinz and Pepsi have figured out to satisfy our tongues. These guys have got it together.

So anyways, Joost. I don't know if it will solve this consumerist rubric, but if it does, I'm all for it. And if you have an invite, I'd love to take it off your hands. If nothing else, check out their Header image on their home page. watch it for a few seconds. Frickin' awesome.


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1 Elliott May 3, 2007 at 7:17 pm

Still lookin for an invite? Lemme know, and I’ll send you one. Leave a comment on my Joost post at my site ( and I’ll hook you up.

2 --jg May 3, 2007 at 8:09 pm

Thanks much for the invite Elliott – getting ready to get my Joost on now!

3 Elliott May 4, 2007 at 12:32 am

Hey, no worries mate.

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